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Gamefreak hiring artists.

by Arty2

Apparently, Gamefreak is on the look for artists experienced in both 2D and 3D game design. This could be a regular job opening in order to expand their staff, or a sign that there’s yet another Pokémon game in the works. To be honest, these days, all game studios have the next game in the works before finishing their current projects.

This however, could be related to Tsunekazu Ishihara’s statement that a new Wii game will be revealed soon. Although Gamefreak does not directly develop any Pokémon games other than the handheld RPGs, they did team up with Genius Sorority in the making of Pokémon Battle Revolution. Whether they’re working on a new Wii game, or a 3D enhanced DSi game, is unknown, but nonetheless the Pokémon locomotive is going strong.

Source: WiiNintendo

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