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Real Pokemon or not?

by Blue

“Wouldn’t it be great if real Pokemon existed?”-That’s a common phrace among Pokefans but would they be able to survive in the real Pokemon world? Why am I asking that? Just look around you and see how many people are hacking their games to obtain the “perfect Pokemon”. Of course, this wouldn’t be possible in a real Pokemon world. You would be glad if you ever had a Salamence even if it was the worst one. If anyone wants to feel close to living with real Pokemon, he/she should firstly abandon every means of hack.

One would be surprised by the fact that most people see the Pokemon Game as numbers and nothing else. The Pokemon Phenomenon started because you could battle with your favourite mosters and trade Pokemon with your friends. Nowadays, noone wants to trade because everyone can create (?) any Pokemon missing. Other people go online and trade fake Pokemon with real ones. And of course noone trains Pokemon anymore because he can have any pokemon he wants at any level any time. Personally speaking, a hacked Pokemon seems lifeless to me while a Pokemon breeded/caught and trained by me makes me proud even if it’s mathematically inferior to the hacked one. Obviously though, the majority of “pokefans” has a different opinion.

Not being able to face the difficulties of a situation is common among people and while in Video Games the solution is hacking, there is no such thing in real life. That means that most of the times those who cheat in order to succeed in their game will face a lot of problems in their real life. Pleasure comes when someone surpasses obstacles and difficulties and not when he does not face them at all. Furthermore, even if Pokemon are not real, they can give you real feelings. In order to do that though, one must “grow” with his Pokemon. Instead of facing Pokemon as “just some numbers” face them as real beings that live in another dimension (The Fantasy World possibly) and communicate with you through the game.

My personal opinion is that those who use hacked games or think that Pokemon are nothing more than mathematics, do not enjoy the game as I do, but of course it is their own choice. I am not trying to prevent anyone from hacking because I don’t think I can do that. These are just some thoughts concerning my love for “real” Pokemon. There is also a Special Pokemon Episode that seems to be very related to Hacked Pokemon. Enjoy!

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