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Elemental Rebirth

by Eraleas

It is certainly not the title of the upcoming movie featuring Celebi and it is definitely not a side game. It is the revival of the Pokémon Elements articles!

Many of you asked for an update on my first part of Pokémon Elements, which concerned the Normal Type, as it was written back in Generation III. While it took a while for me to get a grasp of the new generation, I decided to reopen this project and start working on it anew. My first priority was to bring the Normal Type up to date before I started focusing elsewhere; many things were revised, added and swapped around.

I proudly present to you Pokémon Elements: Normal Type, now updated to Generation IV games! I hope that you will enjoy reading through it once again and leave me any comments, corrections and suggestions that you can think of.

However, do not worry as I do not plan on letting things heat off again! The Fire Element is next and will be available to you in less than two weeks!

I must thank Arty2 for his impecable work on the Pokédex as well as our affiliate, Bulbapedia for bits of valuable information that were required for this update.


Jan. 19th: Thank you for the e-mail and comment responses for this update. It really means a lot to see you are interested in such trivia. Your suggestions and corrections are being taken into consideration, and some will soon be applied as I keep reading through the article to polish it up. Also, based on comments, I decided to tag the older articles of PotW as RS in order to avoid confusion between Generation III and Generation IV metagame.