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Entirely new Pokemon games within 2010!

by Arty2

Just a few hours ago, The Pokemon Company (headed by Tsunekazu Ishihara) announced that Gamefreak, maker of the canonical Pokémon RPG games, is working on a brand new game for the Nintendo DS which is set to be released within 2010:

We inform you the Pokemon Ltd. (President and Representative Director: Tsunekazu Ishihara) is developing the latest work for the RPG series “Pocket monsters” (Development: Gamefreak Ltd.: Nintendo Ltd.) that is the original Pokemon series for the Nintendo DS which is to be released within 2010. …

… The “Pocket monsters” series for the Nintendo DS makes the best use of the dual screen, touch and Wi-Fi capabilities of the Nintendo DS. This completely new game, four years after “Pocket Monsters Diamond and Pearl” (17.150.000 copies worldwide with over 5.800.000 in Japan), will feature new gameplay, new Pokémon and provide a reformation reborn of the series.

Please expect a future press release with more information on the content of the game.

The explicit mention of new Pokémon and of a schedule reformation of the series, makes us think that this is confirmation of Generation V games. It is also possible that these new games (or game) are related to the rumors of a successor to the Nintendo DS in late 2010. Perhaps the February edition of CoroCoro will reveal more information on the matter.

In other news, fansite Pokébeach [article now removed for some reason] reports on a possible new forme for Celebi, set to appear in the upcoming Pokémon movie, Phantom Ruler Z. However such claims with no official confirmation are to be taken with a grain of salt.

Apparently, Gamefreak director Junichi Masuda is visiting the Pokémon Sunday TV show on February 7th, planning to reveal more information.

What is more, pre-orders for HeartGold and SoulSilver have begun in Greece and orders include matching Pokémon memorabilia.

In an unrelated note, Legendary Pokémon is now a national partner of the United European Pokémon Communities, a new initiative based on the principles of “Unity, Community, Participation”. Make sure to read their constitution and if you do live in Europe, support their effort.

Sources: Pokemon.co.jp, Oricon, Gpapa

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