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Generation V Games announced: Pokemon Black & Pokemon White!

by Ninjomewtwo

As the official Pokémon website announced a few hours ago, the 5th Generation games, set for release this autumn for the Nintendo DS, will be now known as Pokémon Black ( ポケットモンスターブラック ) and Pokémon White ( ポケットモンスターホワイト ). Not much is revealed about them for the time being, however they will be soon featured in the CoroCoro magazine as well as the April 11th episode of Pokémon Sunday so expect more info in the following days.

Edit: Serebii.net now has the first screenshots from the upcoming CoroCoro. The official website will probably update with those sooner or later.

Edit: Added Zorua and Zoroark official vector artwork (.svg) in our Pokémon downloads section.

Edit @ April 11: Pokémon Sunday just finished airing a few moments ago and nothing new was revealed. They only announced the names of the upcoming games which we already know since two days ago. Next week’s show will feature pictures from the games, which may very well be the same as those in the CoroCoro scans that leaked yesterday. Tune in next Sunday for (hopefully) more info.

Pokemon Black and White