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Pokemon Sunday airs new B/W videos!

by Arty2

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Continuing the information barrage of the previous days, variety show Pokémon Sunday properly reveals the new starters and the trainers from the upcoming games Pokémon Black/White and also shows new videos featuring the updated battle sequence, Hiun City’s crowded streets, the Zoroark event battle and the Celebi event in Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver.

Most notably, the battle sequence is truly animated with dynamic zoom effects and animated Pokémon sprites throughout the whole battle. The city streets look busier than ever before, with many characters running around, shouting and dynamically avoiding obstacles, setting new standards of interactivity with NPCs.

Nothing new related to game mechanics was revealed this time either but stay tuned as CoroCoro’s next issue promises even more details and screenshots, Zorua’s capture method and the appearance of a brand new Pokémon!

Make sure you watch the video from Pokémon Sunday on Filb.de.

Update @21/05: Battle videos from Pokemon Sunday uploaded on our YouTube, with proper sound effects!

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