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Additional details from Black and White.

by Arty2

The official japanese Pokémon Series website just updated with the information leaked from CoroCoro a couple of days earlier. And while we still don’t know all about it, here’s a few notable information:

  • The C-GEAR feature allows the player to detect other players in his area, connecting through IR (new feature!), Nintendo Wireless Connection or Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.
  • Zekrom and Reshiram’s sprites are way bigger than other Pokémon’s.
  • Apparently you can upload your saved game to some website, and interact with it through the internet.
  • A weather indicator has been added to the battle controls, as well as a connection indicator (IR / Wireless / Wi-Fi).
  • English labels have been added here and there on the interface.
  • The player can assign a hotkey (Select / Y) to a lot of actions, including viewing the Pokédex.
  • The Pokémon Transfer Machine [転送マシンでポケモン] allows Celebi (and presumably other ones too) to be transferred to Pokémon Black or White from previous games.

Lots of thanks to Adk for the translations

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