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New Pokemon, triple battles and more!

by Arty2

It’s raining news, hallelujah! Check Filb.de for the complete video from variety show Oha Suta, which just revealed tons of new details.

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The new Pokémon revealed are:

  • Desukan [デスカーン], a phantom sarcophagus.
  • Denchura [デンチュラ ], which looks like a tarantula.
  • Doryuuzu [ドリュウズ], a giant mole creature.
  • Ononokusu [オノノクス], an insectoid.
  • Moguryuu [モグリュー], a baby mole, possible related to Doryuuzu.

There are also three brand new yet un-named Pokémon. Two new moves have been named: Grass Mixer [グラスミキサー] and Drill Liner [ドリルライナー]. A new area called White High-link [ホワイトのハイリンク] appears to be an online hub of sorts and the new, internet connectivity feature is named Pokémon Global Link. A new battle menu option, called Shooter was shown as well yet there are no additional details. Last but not least, three-on-three battles have been confirmed; prepare for super complex strategies! The rain hasn’t stopped at all, so stay tuned for more~

Source: Filb.de, Serebii.net

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