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Leaked anime artwork reveals new Pokemon!

by Arty2


We have known about this supposed leak for a week now, but have been hesitant to post about it; until today that is, since the a teaser trailer for the upcoming Pokémon Black & White was revealed. The same character is depicted on both hence the leaked image can be regarded as properly official. Along with the new female protagonist, Iris [アイリス], we can clearly see the evolutions of Mijumaru and Tsutaaja and two unknown Pokémon on her right side. Unfortunately, their names are too blurry to read, plus Tsutaaja’s name is apparently written as Fuubii [フービー] which means they are probably tentative as well.

July 6th: The flying bat-like creature from this leak, Koromori [コロモリ], has been confirmed!

In other news, Europe, America and Australia will be getting the Enigma Crystal via Wi-Fi within this summer while japanese owners of HeartGold/SoulSilver will be able to download, also via Wi-Fi, Ash’s Pikachu, starting July 15th!

Last but not least, gamers from ExtraLives.org are going to host a 40-hour charity marathon, playing various Pokémon games, so make sure to check them out and support their efforts!

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