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Black and White demo leaks!

by Arty2


Breaking news – On the japanese board 2ch, someone leaked some photoshots from demo stations with Black & White on display, and two shots from some pamphlet. A new Pokémon named Hatooboo [ハトーポー] is shown and more are expected to follow.

Edit: There’re also some unconfirmed (by imagery) details: The khaki one is called Kibago [キバゴ], the blob one is Rankurusu [ランクルス] and the female puppet Pokémon’s name is Gochiruzeru [ゴチルゼル] . A couple of areas appear to be version specific: Black City [ブラックシティ] and White Fortress [ホワイトフォレトス].

Edit: According to a store manager’s blog, players can pass to each other’s game wirelessly while data exchange with other players happens automatically while adventuring and last but no least, the player can apparently video-chat with four other DSi owners, hence confirming the game is DSi enhanced. Let us not forget that it also seems to have an IR functionality, which indicates either an IR port on the cartridge itself, or perhaps a 3DS-only feature.

Source: 2ch, Serebii.net

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