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“In anticipation of Pokemon Black and White” by Serebii

by Arty2

Written on July 15, 2010 by Serebii of Serebii.net

Black & White is set to be the biggest games for Pokémon. I’m hoping that
it’ll definitely bring an unprecedented amount of multiplayer interactions,
which seems to be the case now as seen with modes such as High Link. these features have become a necessity within the franchise and is part of the reason that the fourth generation has been the biggest hit since Pokémon left its fad status behind. With the High Link allowing for you and your friends to go through Isshu, the Pokémon series is getting close to the MMORPG that everyone seems to crave. I’m hoping that there are many more features like the High Link which will cement the fifth generation games to be much more of an improvement over Diamond & Pearl.

Despite the fact it is on the DS, the same console as the previous
generation, I am expecting quite a lot of enhancements and innovations in
the games, hopefully bringing something totally new into the battle system
other than the Triple Battles. I’m not able to guess as to what they could include, as the battle system is pretty good as it is, but the Shooter aspect seen in a screenshot of a Wireless battle does intrigue me.

I’m also hoping for more relations to old Pokémon, all hidden hopefully. This way, you wont know about the evolutions until you actually do it. This was actually done, for the most part, in Diamond & Pearl where you didn’t see any trainers with the Pokémon and you had to think about how to evolve them. That was until my site revealed it for everyone.

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