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Oha Suta reveals new Black and White features and Pokemon!

by Arty2

A new stork Pokemon

Kid’s show Oha Suta aired a new video from Pokémon Black & White, with previously unseen footage from the games, details on the Pokémon Musical [ポケモン ミュージカル], a new feature that apparently lets you to dress your Pokémon and have them participate in a musical show.

The transfer system for Pokémon of past games, Pokéshifter [ポケシフタ] is presented. It will allow you to transfer 6 different critters each time, and the player will have to capture them again in a fun mini-game. There’s no mention of whether two DS systems are required or not. Homebrew experience says one DS is enough for cross cartridge data exchange, so we may be in for a treat. Or not: there’s apparently a connection indicator.

More information:

  • Team Plasma [プラズマ団] are the bad guys this time. This also confirms a very early leak; apparently someone from the inside is spreading rumors alright.
  • Double wild battles.
  • Rotating field battles.
  • A new female trainer, named Aloe [アロエ]

Miruhoggu [ミルホッグ], apparently Minezumi ’s evolution makes an appearance, a deer named Shikijika [シキジカ] (could it be related to Stantler?) and an, as of yet, unnamed stork. Make sure to check the complete video on Filb.de! There’s a wealth of information there, and the official website is expected to update soon, so stay tuned for more.

Pokemon Musical Pokeshifter Miruhoggu A new deer Pokemon

Source: Filb.de

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