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Additional new Pokemon are revealed!

by Arty2

The latest issue of CoroCoro magazine is around the corner thus you better stay tuned, yet the following information comes from the Pokémon Black & White tour bus:

  • Behold, Emonga [エモンガ], the Electric/Flying Flying Squirrel. It is 0.4m tall, weighs 5kg and has the Static ability.
  • Darumakka [ダルマッカ], the pre-evolution of Hihidaruma.
  • Gigaiasu [ギガイアス ], the Rock-type High Pressure Pokémon. it is 1.7m tall, weighs 260kg and has the Sturdy ability.
  • A new grass Pokémon (unconfirmedfake).
  • Basurao [バスラオ], can learn Aqua Jet, Uproar and Headbutt. Owned by Cheren.
  • Wakoishi [ワコイシ], apparently Gigaiasu’s pre-evolution (unconfirmedfake).
Update: Shikijika forms, and snow area. Piles of snow apparently allows you to access cliffs. There are also rumors about a new critter called Tabunne [タブンネ] which is probably of Normal-type and knows the moves Growl, Helping Hand and Double Slap. Here are some photos from the demo bus.

We also hear about another, undepicted Pokémon, called Basurao [バスラオ], which apparently learns Aqua Jet and Uproar. Shikijika is reported to be Normal/Grass, have the Chlorophyll ability and change form depending on the season.The Growth attack seems to boost both Attack and Sp.Attack by one stage.

leaflet screenshot screenshot screenshot

Source: SPBM, Serebii.net

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