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REAL CoroCoro details.

by Arty2

Here follow details from the latest CoroCoro magazine. Also, don’t miss the news from yesterday for further updates!

  • Shikijika [シキジカ] may also know a new ability called Herbivore [そうしょく].
  • Mamanbou [ママンボウ], the Water-type Nursing Pokémon, is 1.2m tall and weighs 31.6kg. It has the Hydration and the new Healing Heart [いやしのこころ] (removes your partners’ status effects in battle) abilities.
  • Miruhoggu [ミルホッグ], the Normal-type Precaution Pokémon that evolves from Minezumi. It has the illuminate or Keen Eye abilities. It apparently lights up the pattern on it’s body and thus threatens its opponents.
  • Swanna [スワンナ], the Water/Flying Swan Pokémon, is 1.3m tall and weighs 24.2kg. It has the Keen Eye or the new Pigeon Heart abilities.
  • Kurumiru [クルミル], the Bug/Grass Sewing Pokémon, is 0.3m tall and weighs 2.52kg. It has the Swarm or Chlorophyl abilities. It can learn a new attack called Bug Resistance [むしのていこう].
  • Mogoryu [モグリュー], the Ground-type Mole Pokémon, is 0.3m tall and weighs 8.5kg. It has the new Sand Throw [すなかき] or Sand Force [すなのちから] (boosts the power of moves in a sandstorm) abilities.

Update: Higher quality scans reveal the following:

  • Seasons do affect the availability of wild Pokémon.
  • Swanna can learn a new move called Windstorm [ぼうふう] whose accuracy depends on the weather.
  • The Sturdy ability now works like Focus Sash leaving 1 HP if a move would normally knock out the holder.
  • Victini’s dex entry: “It makes limitless energy inside its body. It releases this energy on any Pokémon who touches it.” It is located at the Liberty Garden Tower and will re-appear there if knocked out.
  • Team Plasma try to steal Pokémon in order to set them free while in Karakusa Town [カラクサタウン].
  • The player can download (most likely merely unlock) custom backgrounds for the Pokédex and C-Gear and songs for the Pokémon Musical through the Pokémon Global Link.
  • Vaporeon from the Dream World will have the Hydration ability. Many other Pokémon from there will have new abilities.
  • Berries do not grow in Isshu and can only be obtained in the Dream World. (Shame. Really.)
  • Players can trade items and berries over High Link, using a shelf system.
  • Players can gain bonus abilities (Deru Powers) form the High Link. For example they can get double EXP. points during battles. Those abilities can be traded with friends and affect all people close-by through the C-Gear.
  • The Pokéshifter, which allows the player to move Pokémon from older games, is available once the player has finished the main plot.
  • The Pokémon Musical takes place in the Music Hall. Items are stored in the Goods Case and the audience can gift the player more items.
  • During battles with other players, one can gain points every turn, which can be spend through the Miracle Shooter for items like Revive (11 points), Ether, X-Attack (12 points) etc.
  • In the Battle Subway, the player can face 7 other trainers, one per carriage and gain Battle Points. Single and multi-battles are available and one of the options, projects the players Pokémon to level 50.

Update: Here are the details from the last page:

  • The Isshu region has 8 gym leaders.
  • Dento is the Gym Leader in Sanyou City [サニョウシテェ], where Makomo also lives. Before facing the gym leader, the player has to answer to a series of type-compatibility questions.
  • Aloe is a Gym leader in Shippo City [シッポウシティ], an old settlement with a hundred-year railroad and a museum. She too, as a chef, requires the player to solve a culinary puzzle.
  • And last but not least: TMs can be used more than once, similar to HMs.

Some boxes have alternating box art (perhaps a lenticular lens effect?). You can battle 7 trainers in a row in the Battle Subway and earn battle points which can be exchanged for prizes as usual. The Miracle Shooter allows you to use items in wireless battles once you’ve gained enough points through the previous turns. Dento is the Gym leader of Sanyo City [サンヨウシティで] whilst the player starts in Konokota Town [カノコタタウン].

Thanks to Serebii.net for some of the info, Jimmy for the heads up and 2ch for the scans

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