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Even more English Pokemon names!

by Ninjomewtwo

As IGN reports, more English names for Pokémon, moves and abilities have been revealed! The Pokémon that were revealed are:

  • Cofagrigus (Desukan), the Coffin Pokémon, with the ability Mummy.
  • Drilbur (Moguryu), the Mole Pokémon, with the abilities Sand Rush and Sand Force.
  • Axew (Kibago), the Tusk Pokémon, with the abilities Rivalry and Mold Breaker and the new move Dual Chop.
  • Woobat (Koromori), the Bat Pokémon, with the abilities Unaware and Klutz and the new move Heart Stamp.
  • Patrat (Minezumi), the Scout Pokémon, with the abilities Run Away and Keen Eye and the new move After You.
  • Gothitelle (Gochiruzeru), the Astral Body Pokémon, with the ability Frisk.
  • Reuniclus (Rankurusu), the Multiplying Pokémon, with the abilities Overcoat and Magic Guard.
  • Braviary (Wargle), the Valiant Pokémon, with the abilities Keen Eye and Sheer Force and the new move Sky Drop.
  • Musharna (Musharna), the Drowsing Pokémon, with the abilities Forewarn and Synchronize.
  • Makomo’s English name is Fennel.

As we posted in previous updates, the upcoming Black and White versions will be released on March 4th in Europe, March 6th in North America and March 10th in Australia and New Zealand.


The official Black and White website has been updated with these translations. It confirms that N and Cheren will keep their japanese names and Belle has been renamed Bianca. Also, Black City and White Forest keep their names.


More English names for Pokémon and moves confirmed:

  • Doryuuzu’s Engish name is Excadrill.
  • Kurumiru’s English name is Sewaddle.
  • Mamanbou’s English name is Alomomola.
  • Basurao’s English name is Basculin.
  • Shikijika’s English name is Deerling.
  • Miruhogu’s English name is Watchog.
  • Swanna retains its Japanese name in English.
  • The move Bug Opposition is called Struggle Bug in English.
  • The move Drill Liner is called Drill Run in English.
  • The move Hurricane keeps its name in English.
  • The move Acrobat is called Acrobatics in English.
  • The ability Victory Star keeps its name in English.
  • The ability Herbivore is called Sap Sipper in English.
  • The ability Healing Heart is called Healer in English.

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