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3DS events in Greece

by Arty2

Check our our first impressions and a couple of lousy photos from the press event. Stay tuned tomorrow for better photos and more details!

IGN reports that the 3DS-Shop and its Virtual console will be available on launch via a software upgrade, which contradicts what we’ve been told today. They also state that Pokémon Black & White will be 3DS-enhanced, making use of some new features:


A. The 3DS will be backwards compatible with all DS and DSi games. Those games will not be able to display imagery in 3D despite being used on the 3DS. However, some games, most notably Pokémon Black & White, will gain some enhanced functionality when played on the new system. These cases should be considered extremely rare, however.

Update: Caught speculating twice, that’s bad of you dear IGN. They now have retracted their statements. There’s also a rumour going around about Pokémon Black & White being the only games of their generation. I’d say hold your horses. Pokémon Platinum was supposed to be the best game they would ever do. Don’t fall for such statements.

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