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UEPC Path to Victory (Battle League)

by Arty2

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The United European Pokémon Communities (UEPC) has launched a new initiative as part of its ongoing effort to bring together Pokémon players from across the European continent. The Path to Victory is a new pan-European battle league, it consists of eight gym leaders, four elites, and one champion, modelled on the league structure from the games with a few interesting twists. For example, the Elite section of the league is split into the Path of Tiers and the Path of Regions, each with two leaders, where the Pokémon allowed in the battles are limited to a specific tiers or region, respectively.

A challenger who manages to defeat eight gym leaders will receive a collection of rare Technical Machines (TMs) for his or her game. A challenger who manages to defeat the entire league, will be rewarded with a much bigger in-game prize, such as shiny Pokémon etc. plus the glory of having made it through the league.

Everybody with an account at the UEPC may challenge the Path to Victory, no specific registration is required beyond a regular forum account.

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