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Global Link Eeveelution download

by Ninjomewtwo


If you played the “Befriend a Pokémon” game on Pokémon.com last month, you can receive the Eevee evolution you earned via the Pokémon Global Link starting today. The Eeveelution you will receive will be at Level 10 and male, while it will have a special ability, different from its usual one. Vaporeon will have Hydration, Jolteon will have Quick Feet, Flareon will have Guts, Espeon will have Magic Bounce, Umbreon will have Inner Focus, Leafeon will have Chlorophyll and Glaceon will have Ice Body. The distribution will be available for two months, until July 19th, so be sure to get your Pokémon!

You can check the announcement on the PGL website here.