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Dream World Mamoswine giveaway

by Ninjomewtwo


For all of us with European games, a Mamoswine giveaway has started on the Pokémon Global Link website. The Mamoswine you will receive is a Level 34 male one and comes with its hidden ability; Thick Fat. The promotion runs from today, October 20th, 2011 until January 19th, 2012 and the passwords needed to download Mamoswine will be given in various Nintendo magazines across Europe. The passwords are:

  • English: MAMNintendoOfficial
  • French: MAMNintendoOfficiel
  • Italian: MAMNintendoUfficiale
  • Spanish: MAMNintendoAccion

Also, battles for the 2011 Autumn Friendly Tournament start in about an hour, good luck to everybody that registered!