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B2W2 Screenshots

by Ninjomewtwo

Following the release of the June 2012 issue of CoroCoro, the official B2/W2 website has been updated with quite a few clear screenshots of pretty much everything that was revealed in the magazine, including returning characters, PokéWood and the World Tournament. You can see those screenshots below:

  • Returning characters
  • PokéWood
  • World Tournament
  • New Gym Leaders, Homika and Shizui

Apart from those screenshots though, the Pokémon AR Searcher website has been updated with the first clear pictures of the Sacred Beast Formes of Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus, including what seems to be their official Sugimori artwork.

Update: The English name of the Pokémon AR Searcher game has been announced. The game will be called Pokémon Dream Radar and will become available at the 3DS eShop this Autumn.