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New Keldeo Forme?

by Ninjomewtwo

A new picture of some figures that will become available in Japan has surfaced today. While the figures themselves may not be of interest to many, the little subtitle below Keldeo’s figure is. It says that Keldeo is in its “Usual Forme”, possibly hinting at a new, different forme for Keldeo in B2/W2.

Update: After a post in Shokotan’s blog (co-host of Pokémon Smash! and Keldeo’s voice actor in the upcoming movie), we now know that the name of the new forme will be “Resolution Forme”. The post was obviously deleted soon after, seems like Shokotan has accidentally (?) spilled the beans. We don’t have any pictures of the new forme yet but CoroCoro will be released within the next week, so we may see Keldeo soon.

So, what do you think Keldeo’s “Unusual Resolution Forme” will look like?