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CoroCoro reveals Keldeo’s Forme

by Ninjomewtwo

The cover of the July issue of CoroCoro has appeared and Keldeo’s Resolution Forme is featured right in the middle. The new Forme hasn’t changed much compared to the one we already know, Keldeo’s horn is now blue, its mane is slightly different and has 3 pointy things (hair? some kind of crest?) on it, with the colours of Virizion, Terrakion and Cobalion. We can’t make anything else from the cover since the picture is small, but more pictures should appear soon.

Update: Details about what’s in the CoroCoro magazine have been posted on Twitter, although no scans are there to back them up. The poster claims that Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus change formes with the use of an item, while Keldeo changes to its Resolution Forme by taking it to Sangi Town’s forest. Sangi Town is said to be the second town in the game. Finally, PokéTransfer is still there, allowing you to transfer Pokémon from Gen IV games to B2/W2.

Update: Black and White Kyurem are said to have Teravolt and Turboblaze respectively.

Update: You can trade between B2/W2 and B/W right after you receive the C-Gear.

Update: All Pokémon-related pages of CoroCoro have leaked and they confirm what was reported earlier, along with new information.

Page 1
  • Black Kyurem has Teravolt as its ability, White Kyurem has Turboblaze.
  • The Magby and Buneary lines are B2 exclusive, the Elekid and Skitty ones are W2 exclusive.
  • The PokéTransfer feature is back, allowing you to transfer Pokémon from Gen IV games to B2/W2.
Page 2
  • Black City and White Forest are back in B2/W2, although slightly changed.
  • Black 2 has an exclusive area, a cave with water, while White 2’s cave contains magma.
  • A new medal system is also mentioned.
Page 3
  • Elesa is confirmed as a Gym Leader, her gym looks like what we saw in the animated PV and she uses a Flaafy.
  • Old and new Team Plasma members will meet at some point in the game.
Page 4
  • Keldeo changes its Forme by taking it to the forest near Sangi Town along with the other 3 musketeers.
  • Taking Meloetta to the café in Castelia City unlocks a special Fes Mission.
  • A Piplup that knows Sing will be distributed via Wi-Fi for B2/W2 games from July 20th until August 9th.
Page 5
  • Reflecting Mirror, a new item, changes Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus to their Sacred Beast Formes.
  • Their Sacred Beast Forme abilities are Regenerator, Volt Absorb and Intimidate respectively.
  • You can obtain Pokémon (Porygon is shown) and items (Thunderstone) in Pokémon Dream Radar.
Page 6
  • Page 6 is just a poster for the upcoming movie, showing Keldeo’s Resolution Forme.

As always, you’re welcome to drop by our B2/W2 thread in the forums to talk about everything regarding the games!