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Pokemon X and Pokemon Y

by Ninjomewtwo

The Pokémon Direct presentation we mentioned yesterday has just ended and it most certainly didn’t disappoint! After giving us a brief run through the history of Pokémon, Mr. Satoru Iwata announced Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, the first Generation VI games for the 3DS! Video footage of the new games was shown and it also revealed a few new Pokémon including the starters, Chespin, Fennekin and Froakie and two Legendary Pokémon that are most likely going to be the version mascots, a bird and a deer.

However, the most important part was the release date of those games. For the first time ever, the new games will be released internationally at the same time, specifically October 2013!

Update: The names of the legendary duo that appeared in the trailer have been revealed. The blue deer is Xerneas (“cern-” is a Gaulish root meaning “antler”) and the red avian is Yveltal.

Update: Now that we’ve had the time to rewatch the video a few times and have a better look at everything, here are some details and thoughts.

  • The Grass-type starter is named Chespin and its Japanese name is Harimaron.
  • The Fire-type starter is named Fennekin and its Japanese name is Fokko.
  • The Water-type starer is named Froakie and its Japanese name is Keromatsu.
  • The mascot of Pokémon X is a blue deer-like Pokémon with rainbow colored antlers named Xerneas (ZURR-nee-us) while the mascot of Pokémon Y is a dark red bird named Yveltal (ee-VELL-tall). The pronunciations have been officially confirmed by TPCi.
  • 3D battle animations, full 3D gameplay. It looks amazing.
  • The new region is most likely based on France, or maybe Europe in general. You can clearly see the Eiffel Tower and Pikachu’s Thunderbolt at the beginning seems to go off in France.
  • The male protagonist moves on roller blades. Are they the Running Shoes or a replacement for the good-ol’ Bicycle?
  • Older Pokémon appear in the trailer.
  • While it is obvious from the picture below that the bird Pokémon has a Y-shape, take a look at the video, specifically around 08:35. The iris of the deer Pokémon is a X.

Be sure to drop by our forums for all the necessary discussion and speculation about Pokémon X and Y. Meanwhile, you can rewatch the Pokémon Direct below: