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New Pokemon Type, XY Release Date

by pekinoua

During the E3 Nintendo Direct, Mr. Satoru Iwata announced that Pokémon X & Y will be released worldwide on October 12, 2013. He also revealed the games will feature an all new Pokémon type, Fairy. He mentioned that many old and new Pokémon will have Fairy as a secondary type including Marill, Gardevoir and Jigglypuff while the recently revealed Eevee evolution, Sylveon is a pure Fairy-type. This new type is super effective against Dragon. This is the first time a new Pokémon type is added to the series, after the addition of Steel type and Dark type back in Gold/Silver.

Moreover, a new trailer was shown that marked the debut of two new Pokémon. Noivern is a new Flying/Dragon Pokémon while Vivillon is a Bug/Flying Pokémon. Moonblast and Fairy Wind, two new Fairy-Type moves were also shown along with Boomburst, a new Normal-type move that Noivern can learn. Last but not least, a new feature called Pokémon Amie was also shown, in which using the 3DS touchscreen the player can strengten the bonds between him and the Pokémon.

Update: Three new Pokémon have been revealed at E3 through another X/Y trailer. They include a seahorse-like Pokémon seen using what appears to be a Poison-type attack, a bird that is almost certainly an evolution of Fletchling and a light-blue lobster-like crustacean, most likely a Water-type. All three Pokémon remain unnamed for the time being. Thanks to Pokebeach for reporting this!

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