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English names of the new Pokemon

by Ninjomewtwo

The official Pokémon X/Y site has been updated with the English names for everything revealed in CoroCoro yesterday. Check out the translated names below:

  • Goronda, the Daunting Pokémon and Pancham’s evolution, is called Pangoro.
  • Maika, the Revolving Pokémon, is called Inkay. The new Dark-type move it’s seen using is called Topsy-Turvy.
  • Karamanero, the Overturning Pokémon and Inkay’s evolution, is called Malamar.
  • Peroppaffu, the Cotton Candy Pokémon, is called Swirlix. Its ability is called Sweet Veil.
  • Shushupu, the Perfume Pokémon, is called Spritzee. Its new move is called Draining Kiss.
  • Xerneas is the Life Pokémon. Its ability is called Fairy Aura and its exclusive move is called Geomancy.
  • Yveltal is the Destruction Pokémon. Its ability is called Dark Aura and its signature move is Oblivion Wing.
  • Professor Platane has been translated as Professor Sycamore. You first meet him in Lumiose City.
  • Team Flare keeps its Japanese name.
  • Gym Leaders Zakuro and Citron are called Grant and Clemont respectively. Clemont’s sister’s name is Bonnie.
  • The new features shown are the Holo Caster, Battle Spot, Wonder Trade, O-Powers and Photo Spots. For more information on those new features, check out the official website.