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Latest XY trailer reveals names and more!

by Ninjomewtwo

A new trailer for Pokémon X & Y has been uploaded on the official Pokémon Youtube page, revealing the English names of the Pokémon leaked earlier this week through CoroCoro. Here are the details:

  • Chespin’s evolution, the Spiny Armor Pokémon, is named Quilladin.
  • Fennekin’s evolution, the Fox Pokémon, is named Braixen.
  • Froakie’s evolution, the Bubble Frog Pokémon, is named Frogadier.
  • Trimian’s English name is Furfrou, it’s the Poodle Pokémon and its ability is Fur Coat. You can trim its fur to change its appearence. Furfrou can learn the move Baby-Doll Eyes, a Fairy-type priority move that lowers the target’s Attack.
  • Nyaonix’s English name is Meowstic. It’s the Constraint Pokémon.
  • Chigorasu’s English name is Tyrunt. It can be restored from the Jaw Fossil. It’s the Royal Heir Pokémon, its ability is Strong Jaw and it can learn Crunch and Dragon Tail.
  • Amarusu’s English name is Amaura, it’s the Tundra Pokémon, its ability is Refrigerate and it can be restored from the Sail Fossil.
  • Pyroar is confirmed to be Litleo’s evolution. Its male and female forms are different, similar to how male lions have a bigger mane than their female counterparts.
  • The names of the Team Flare scientists are Celosia (purple hair), Aliana (orange hair), Bryony (green hair), Mable (blue hair) and Xerosic (the only male one). Their goal is to change the world.
  • Diantha is a famous movie star beloved by everyone in the Kalos region. She’s also a Pokémon Trainer who shows a lot of potential. She may even trade Pokémon with you sometime during your adventure!
  • Grass-type Pokémon cannot be affected by powder or spore based moves (such as Sleep Powder, Poisonpowder, Spore, etc) as well as Leech Seed. Electric-type Pokémon cannot be affected by Paralysis. Ghost-type Pokémon are unaffected by moves that prevent fleeing (such as Mean Look or Spider Web).

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