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Spoiler: Event Pokemon and more

by Ninjomewtwo

Be warned that the following newspost contains major spoilers, it is suggested that you stop reading unless you have no problem being spoiled.

Known hacker Smealum has managed to crack X/Y’s code and has revealed some of the Pokémon that we were not supposed to see until later. Those include the Generation VI event Pokémon (à la Mew, Arceus, Genesect, etc), some Mega Evolutions and some formes of already known Pokémon which may or may not have some significance in the plot of future games. Some of those Pokémon had placeholder images uploaded in the PGL website so their new formes were expected at some point, which makes us believe that the revealed Pokémon have some pretty good chances of being real. They are still unconfirmed officially though (and should remain so for quite some time) so take them with a grain of salt.

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