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Discount Coupon and Balloon Popping

by Ninjomewtwo

The first distribution for Gen VI games through the PGL is now active. X/Y players can receive the Discount Coupon from the PokéMileage Club, a one-use item that provides a 50% discount on a single purchase in any Kalos boutique. Keep in mind that you can buy multiple items at once by trying them on in the fitting room first. The Discount Coupon will be available until March 3rd.

What’s more, Balloon Popping, the first Global Link Attraction is now available in the PokéMileage Club. For the price of 100 PokéMiles, you can play a balloon popping mini-game and earn items (evolution stones, EV reducing berries and trade evolution items) according to your rank. You can receive rare and expensive items in a very short time so be sure to check it out!