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Pokedeck n. 001

by Trapper

Hello Pokefans,
I am Trapper, as you may know from my friend Arty2. This is my first article in this page so be patient with me. I will try to publish a deck per week except from July 12th till August because I will be on vacations. 😉
At the beginning, the articles will concern Type 1 (it includes all the collections and all the cards) but in the future (September) I will begin to write about Type 2 in my articles. Without further ado here is the decklist:

4 Slowpoke (Neo 1)
4 Slowking (Neo 1)
3 Sneasel (Neo 1)
3 Cleffa (Neo 1)
2 Murkrow (Neo 1)
1 Tyrogue (Neo 2)

3 Professor Oak (Basic Set)
4 Computer search (Basic Set)
3 Super energy removal (Basic Set)
3 Lass (Basic Set)
3 Sprout tower (Neo 1)
3 Item finder (Basic Set)
3 Cust of wind (Basic Set)
2 Switch (Basic Set)
1 Town Volunteers (Aquapolis)
3 Focus Band (Neo 1)
3 Power charge (Expedition)

4 Darkness energy (Neo 1)
4 Rainbow energy (Team Rocket)
4 Recycle energy (Neo 1)

This is the deck. It has ranked first in a lot of championships and it is very known in the elder players. It is based on the combo of sneasel and slowking trying to prevent your opponent from playing trainer cards and doing tons of damage with sneasel. It is easy and funny to play, so have fun.