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Card of the week: Neo Genesis Sneasel

by Trapper

Hello Pokéfans,

I am very glad to announce you the inauguration of a new column. It’s the Card of the Week 🙂 . Here we are going to discuss some of the Pokémon TCG cards and evaluate them. Your comments are always welcome 😉 . Before we begin I would like to give my special thanks to Arty2 for providing me the space for this column and for his patience (he knows better 😉 ).
Well, our first card couldn’t be other than the famous Sneasel from Neo Genesis, a card that influenced the metagame of its season like no one other.


I believe that everyone knows the value of this card but let’s have a deeper look to what made it so good.

General Info

Type: Darkness

The Darkness Energy gives Pokémon +10 to damage done, with no side effects. That makes its attacks pretty good and very aggressive. You may have some problems with energy removal but you can always use Rainbow Energy etc.

HP: 60

They are good, not excellent, for a basic Pokémon. If you attach a Focus Band onto it, it will be very difficult for your opponent’s to knock it out.


Fury Swipes

It is more powerful than it seems. With a Darkness Energy, and with two heads in three flips you will be able to do 30 damage in your first turn which is able to knock out a Baby Pokémon and even win you a game. Don’t forget that you can always attach Colorless Energy

Beat Up

The attack that made the difference. In your second turn you are able to knock out almost every Pokémon. Attach two Darkness Energy and with 3 heads in 6 flips you will be able to do 80 damage!!!! Your average damage will be from 60 to 80 (you may attach Rainbow Energy and lose the advantage of +10 that Darkness Energy gives) but this will not prevent you from knocking out any Pokémon.


This card is sooooo good. It’s the ideal aggressive Pokémon. If you had played with it when it was printed you can understand what I am saying. Don’t forget that it was so good that it was the first Pokémon card that WotC banned. 9,9/10