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Card of the week: Jungle Wigglytuff

by Trapper

Hello again from me,
This week we are going to see another all-time-classic Pokémon card. This one is Wigglytuff from the Jungle Set which can also be found in the Base Set 2.

Jungle Wigglytuff

General info

Type: Colorless
One of the components that made this card so good is that it’s Colorless. You could build your deck using any type of energy and put that Pokémon into the deck as the big finisher. You can use Double Colorless Energy onto it which makes it very agressive.
HP: 80
Its HP are satisfactory for a stage 1 Pokémon. It also has resistance to Psychic which is very important. The weakness in Fighting Pokémon may be a disadvantage but you can always put a couple of Scyther into your deck.


This attack is very good if you want to slow down your opponent. You can use it with only one Energy which is very useful, but don’t forget that it’s an aggressive Pokémon so you have to be aggressive. You better use this attack only when you have run out of Energy or when your opponent is going to loose from deck.
Do the wave
The attack that makes this Pokémon so good… You are able to K.O. any of your opponent’s Pokémon on your second turn. If you play for example Jigglypuff on your first turn with Recycle Energy onto it, Wigglytuff on your seconf turn with Double Colorless Energy onto it and fill your bench with Pokémon you will be able to do 60 damage.
It’s very simple, if you think that you can use Professor oak and Computer Search to find whatever you need. You can also use cards like Pluspower to increase your attack or attach a Dark Energy onto Wigglytuff. It’s a very good idea to combine this card with Sneasel because they have the same needs to attack (Benched Pokémon) and they are both aggressive. You will also have the advantage of using Dark Energy like Pluspower, attack and on your next turn discard it with a Super Energy removal getting rid of your opponent’s energies and the damage that you take from Dark energy.


This card is my favourite one. I love it because I have played with it a lot of times. It can be lethal and with the appropriate support you can build a very good deck around this card. Just try it! 9/10